Top Ten Tips for your Wedding Day Hair

1. Start with the dress...

It's best to choose your dress first before deciding on a hairstyle. If your gorgeous gown has lots of detail then your hair needs to be very simple. And vice versa, a simple gown leaves room for you to have a detailed hairstyle.

2. Book a consultation...

Try to have your consultation about 5 months before the wedding. This gives your stylist time to investigate styles that will suit you and incorporate a head piece if you are having one. This is also the time to mention if you're wearing a veil, too!

3. Make it last...

When choosing your hairstyle, be sure to go for something that is resilient and long lasting - especially with the weather we can have! Your hair needs to survive the whole day and evening as well as look great in photographs!

4. Time is of the Essence...

If your hair needs trimming up then aim to get it done around 2 weeks before the big day so it has a chance to settle. The same applies to dye too! This ensures you are happy with the settled colour.

5. Fashion mistake...

Try not to go for a style that is too fashionable. Hair trends come in and out of fashion all the time. What you choose for your big day might be bang on trend now, but think about what the photographs might suggest in 10 years! Classic, elegant looks are always best such as a side bun or soft waves.

6. Add some inches...

If you don't have the tall gene then you might want to consider a hairstyle that adds a few inches to your height rather than a flat down-do. It works wonders! Be warned though, a huge beehive is not always a good wedding look.

7. Theme...

The type of wedding you're planning can also have an impact on your hairstyle. If it's a grand traditional celebration, an undo style would portray a more formal, evening look. Loose styles are better for more informal weddings, like a beach or other type of outdoor ceremony.

8. Don't wash it...

Try not to wash your hair on the day of the wedding. Hair that is over conditioned or too fine never styles well. However, if you tend to have dry hair then deep-conditioning treatments can be used 3-4 days before the wedding.

9. No Pressure...

There is no real pressure to look a certain way for the big day, just go with what feels comfortable. So, if you wear a short bob for example, don't feel as though you have to grow your hair for a traditional updo, simply add a gorgeous hair accessory to make your day-to-day short hair more glamorous!

10. Eat Healthily...

Protect your hair from the inside out. Try to drink 2 litres of water a day and eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to improve the overall health of your hair and stay away from oily foods. Yup, that means your favourite curry is out of the question!

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